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Application Migration and
Business Systems Delivery

Simplify human resource (HR) and people

Today’s rapidly and continuously changing business environment demands greater agility than ever and the ability to quickly develop new strategies as circumstances evolve.

But, it’s also critical to be able to execute those strategies rapidly and effectively.

This is not easy to achieve when many organisations are critically dependent on existing business process and tightly integrated systems.

SEAPDS specialises in assembling transformation programs that being together the power of organisation knowledge, process design traced through to optimal system design, which will delivery on business transformation objectives.

SEAPDS brings together successful industry delivery experiences across the transformation of HR and Payroll systems, Data Warehouses, Wealth Management systems and many other complication mission critical services, to reduce risk and increase the feasibility of business transformation initiatives.

Our Clients have Benefited from >

  • Optimised existing business processes and system integrations while meeting business process optimsation objectives
  • Leveraging cloud based services with successful applications and data migrations
  • Solved the complexity of integrating and managing process improvements, complex legacy system interfaces, data migrations into target systems
  • Managed migrations in a compliant and risk managed manner
  • Optimised local knowledge and experience with right fit resourcing models to support the transformation delivery