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Project Delivery Planning

Develop delivery plans, architectures and management structures

Once your initiative receives the funding and organisation support it requires to be successful

You need an effective delivery plan which can manage, measure and assure your business it can meets its strategic objectives.

SEAPDS teams will work with you to develop delivery plans, architectures and management structures to >

  • Develop structured working groups to collaborate on technical delivery
  • Develop upfront scheduling and forecasting tools to ensure program resources are put to delivery work in alignment with targeted scope and delivery targets
  • Plan resourcing and vendor agreements in accordance with delivery scope, time-frames and budgets
  • Manage and communicate change across your entire organisation, with effect to leverage and minimise impact to operating models, business systems and people who continue to run your business
  • Ensure the measure of executive support required is clearly articulated as a delivery requirement critical for success and managed through effective governance forums