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Requirements Management & Functional Design

Getting your requirements right

Getting your requirements right means delivering on the promise of business benefits projected through your business cases

Many IT projects either fail to deliver the full compliment of benefits or deliver them after many repeated cycles of deliverable correction and scope revisions at a substantial cost to the organisation.

Transforming business processes and workflows into requirements and specifications is a key step in the process of developing robust requirements and functional specifications.

Simply these are the means by which we can measure requires that delivered to targeted business transactions and activity.

SEAPDS has delivery experience in:

  • Business analysis to bring requirements traceable to business processes
  • System discovery methods to identify and requirements manage system dependencies withing business processes
  • Proven methods to develop functional requirements aligned with business requirements and measures
  • Methods to identify technology impacts across business workflows and translate them into system and data requirements
  • Consistent capabilities, approach, practices, templates and tools