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Transformation Strategy

Is your organisation, executive and delivery model set up for success?

Technolgy is both creating unprecendeted opportunity for leaders as well as unprecedented risk for laggers.

As business seeks to establish strategies for transformation you are faced with a myriad of design, cost and operational decisions.

Transformations need to consider your business objectives against operational efficiencies as well the impact of these changes your customers experiences.

A clear business case coupled with experienced teams and a proven and well planned delivery strategy will deliver on your business objectives.

SEAPDS can asist this process by:

  • Transfer these business objectives onto a delivery strategy and plan in alignment with your busines case and acceptable levels of risk
  • Apply the right levels of due diligence against business process and system design to validate business case assumptions and meet delivery gate objectives
  • Develop change management strategies and governance models that work within the accountability and organisation structures of your business
  • Develop delivery and resourcing costs in alignment with your delivery needs and supporting budgets